Frequently Asked Questions: Drives

Q. When will I receive my hard drive?
A. Delivery dates are instructed by the studio. Please contact the Deluxe Helpline if you have not received your hard drive within 48 hours of your first show time.
Q. My hard drive is not ingesting. Do I need a new one?
A. Start by swapping out the cables. Inspect the connections on the power cord and drive. Confirm that the power switch is in the “on” position. If the ingest still does not start, please attempt ingestion on another server at your theatre. If still unable to ingest, please contact the Deluxe Helpline.
Q. Where do I find details about the film such as file size, aspect ratio, or the end credit offset?
A. These are specifics that vary from one title to another. To get the most current information, refer to the ingest letter sent with your hard drive or the Deluxe Digital Cinema website ( Also, feel free to contact the Deluxe Helpline.

Please report any ingestion problems to the Deluxe Helpline as soon as possible. Hard drives should be ingested immediately upon receipt. Failure to report hard drive problems within 24 hours of the first show may result in missed shows!

Deluxe Helplines   |   (US) +1-818-756-2480   |   (UK) +44-800-345-7756

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