Frequently Asked Questions: Keys

Q. When will I receive my keys?
A. Delivery dates are instructed by the studio. Please contact the Deluxe Helpline if you have not received your keys within 48 hours of your first show time.
Q. How will I receive my keys?
A. If your server has a working modem, we will attempt electronic delivery. Otherwise, we will email the keys to you.
Q. I have a server that must be replaced. Will I need new keys?
A. Yes. Call the Deluxe Helpline and provide the serial number of the new server installed. We will create and send keys for the new server.
Q. I want my keys to be valid for different times than what has been provided. How do I get new keys?
A. The studio must authorize all changes to keys. If you require different key times, then you must contact your booking agent. The studio will then contact Deluxe. Once we have authorization, keys will be generated and delivered to you.

Please report any ingestion problems to the Deluxe Helpline as soon as possible. Hard drives should be ingested immediately upon receipt. Failure to report hard drive problems within 24 hours of the first show may result in missed shows!

Deluxe Helplines   |   (US) +1-818-756-2480   |   (UK) +44-800-345-7756

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