Drive Returns - US Releases

  • After you have ingested the feature onto your server(s), please ship the drive back as soon as possible.
  • Please pack the drive into the same box you received it in.
  • A UPS label is included in each drive shipment, please apply it over the old label on the outside.
  • Verify that the label indicates SHIPPING DEPARTMENT, 315 S Flower ST, Burbank, CA 91502.
  • Use the zip tie to secure the box.
  • When UPS arrives for deliveries, hand the package to the driver.
  • Record the tracking number for proof of return.

If you are experiencing issues with UPS picking up hard drives, or you need a new UPS label sent to you, please contact us at 877-272-3870, select your language, then press 4 to reach the Recovery Department.

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