Troubleshooting Drives

Troubleshooting: Drive Ingestion

CRU vs Addonics Drives

When you receive a drive that does not seem to be functioning, you will first need to determine if the drive is CRU or Addonics.  Based on your conclusion, your troubleshooting steps will differ.

CRU drives have a slip-on red casing that goes over the main hard drive.  The casing allows you to connect the power and USB cables to the drive, without the casing you are unable to do this.  Some servers have a CRU bay.  In order to ingest via the bay, you need to take off the red lid/casing, and insert the entire drive into the bay.  This is a quicker way to ingest drives, it is a more direct link.  Please note that the power and USB cables are not needed when using the bay.

Addonics drives do not have a slip-on lid.  They are an all-silver one piece drive with a black or white handle in the front.  The word “Addonics” reads on the front panel.  Unlike the CRU drives, you will not be able to ingest via the bay slot.  Moreover, Addonics connect to the server via a USIB/USB connection.  The USB connection into the server is the same as the CRU, but the connection into the drive is a bigger port cable called USIB.

Picture 011

CRU drive with casing

Picture 012

CRU with casing removed

Picture 023

Addonics Drive

Picture 020

CRU standard USB-B connection

Picture 021

Addonics 36-pin USIB connection

Picture 010

Both drives connect to server
via standard USB-A connection

Troubleshooting Drives


If content from a CRU drive does not load for ingestion, you need to try the following methods:

  • For CRU drives make sure the slip-on lid is pressed all the way in and that the cables are pressed all the way on both the hard drive and the server
  • If ingestion via the bay is not working, please try to ingest via the USB cable
  • If ingesting via cables is not working, ingest via the bay slot if you have that capability.
  • If your only option is to ingest via cables, try changing out red lid and both the power and USB cables.  Since either cable can be faulty, it is important to switch out both cables.

If the above steps do not work for a CRU drive, or if it is an Addonics drive try the following methods:

  • If you have been trying to ingest on a library server without success, then you need to plug the drive directly into the auditorium server that you will be showing the movie.  You should wait to ingest between shows, as drives have been known not to ingest while another movie is playing.  (Make sure all cables are pressed in completely.)
  • If you do not have a library system, try ingesting on another server, even if the movie will not be screening in that auditorium.  The purpose of this test is to conclude whether it is the hard drive or that particular server.

Lastly, you should try the following:

  • Safely shut down your library server, wait 5 minutes, turn it on, try again.
  • If you do not have a library server, then wait until shows are complete on the server, safely turn off the server, wait 5 minutes, turn it back on, and try ingestion again.
    • If you do not have a library server, it is important that you ingest while no other movies are playing.

An important note on drives ingesting on the local server but NOT on the library:

  • At times you are unable to ingest the content onto the library server (e.g. LMS, TMS, etc.), but are able to ingest on the local server.
  • If this is the case, then there is nothing wrong with the hard drive
  • Safely turn off the library server, wait 5 minutes, and turn it back on.  Try ingesting on the library one more time.
    • If it still fails, please keep the drive for the length of the engagement so that you have a back-up.  You can ignore any emails we send asking for the drive back sooner.

Ingesting Replacement Drives:

  • At times you are able to ingest the entire content onto your server, but for some reason, the content fails to play at all, or fails to play properly
  • If there is ever a need to delete content from the server in order to ingest again, it is very important that you reboot the server after deletion and before re-ingestion.
    • This same rule applies if you are deleting the content from you server in order to ingest a new drive that you have received.
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